Women Treated for Neck Pain 10 Times More Than Men!

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The Sports Injury Clinic

Liam Staines

April 21, 2015


In the information below we explain a common issue we regularly see as Remedial Massage Therapists/ Myotherapists, relating to women.

Headaches, neck pain, shoulder injury and the dreaded frozen shoulder.

Categorically we see 10 times more Women than Men for shoulder & neck pain -here we provide some information about why and what you can do to manage: headaches, neck pain, shoulder injury or the dreaded, frozen shoulder.


Trigger Points:

The shoulder joint can be known as thjoint of the body as when shoulders are painful the neck & head complex often follows suit. Due to the shoulder being so closely located to our central nervous system (brain) there is a close association to tension around the spine, affecting the head & neck. The triggers of most neck/ shoulders problems are often through poor posture, weakness, and often stress-related issues adding to the mix.

The build-up of tension in muscles around the shoulders (often called "trigger points") create areas of tension that lead to joint dysfunction affecting the neck & head (headaches). Manual therapy (remedial massage/ myotherapy) is a great way of releasing these areas of muscular dysfunction reducing pain and ensuring a happier lifestyle.

Early intervention:

What starts often as a niggle can often be the beginning of something much worse. The earlier your symptoms are rectified at the niggle stage the less likely of further potential injury. In relative terms in treating clients who are competing for an event the earlier the intervention of niggles the quicker the client can get back to full activity as there is less strength & function lost -this applies also to everyone else! So regardless of who you are and what you do it's always best to seek an opinion ASAP, just to be sure. That's peace-of-mind and less money spent in the long-term.

The dreaded frozen shoulder:

Frozen shoulder can occur due to an injury, overuse/ misuse or just slowly and progressively over time. Most commonly found in females and otherwise known as 'adhesive capsulitis' the shoulder is a very dynamic joint and has the largest range of motion in the body, therefore the most unstable. Through lifestyle choices and wear & tear it may become inflamed and slowly lose its normal range of motion. Once the normal range of motion has become significantly reduced it's known as a frozen shoulder. Manual therapy and exercise is the basis of returning the joint to normal strength and function and this can take some time as is mentioned in all the literature! Although proactive management may reduce the recovery time considerably.       

Myotherapy and treatment:

Myotherapists are soft tissue specialists with the expertise and methods to release specific areas of tenderness and pain. For those who don't like the vigorous massage treatment option or the feeling of post-treatment soreness Dry Needling is a great treatment option (as long as you aren't needle phobic). Dry needling stimulates and releases specific points of tension & tenderness with the benefit of potentially equal to two normal massage sessions in one. It is often a very fast and effective pain reliever.

Special self-massage tools we offer:

There are some useful tools for use to self-manage injuries and assist to prevent them from reoccurring:

We can show you how to best apply each one of the below options to offer the best management in YOUR case.

  • Spikey massage balls
  • Foam rollers
  • Back Balls
  • Pocket Triangles


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