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Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are designed specifically to be safe, precise, low impact, and tailored to individuals making it suitable for any age, any level and any body type. In a world where many of us sit behind a desk more than we should, improving flexibility and muscle pliability can provide a range of health benefits.

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Service Overview

Our pilates practitioners will guide you through a process designed to ensure we tailor the right program for you. An initial screening assessment with a Pilates practitioner will be completed to discuss your reasons for starting pilates, followed by 1-2 hour long individual sessions with your practitioner to ensure the program is being correctly completed. Once these two steps have been completed, you can join one of the pilates group sessions or continue with 1-on-1 sessions if you prefer.

The focus of our Pilates classes is core strength, flexibility, and body awareness, and we provide many different types of classes to help people achieve their goals.

There are three major types of Pilate's classes: mat-based exercises, equipment-based exercises and apparatus-based exercises. Mat-based exercises are done on the floor with no equipment or apparatus in sight. Equipment-based exercises are done with specialised equipment such as weights or resistance bands. Apparatus-based exercises use specialised equipment, such as reformers or treadmills, to assist in the workout process.

Pilates Classes

Whether you are pregnant, mature aged, injured, recovering from illness or wanting to improve your sports performance, a pilates program can be tailored to suit you. We offer classes tailored to specific requirements including pilates for sport and injury, pilates for backs, pilates for arthritis, pilates for pregnancy, pilates for work injuries and dance medicine pilates.

Pilates is also great for people who are looking to improve their posture and reduce back pain. It also strengthens muscles in the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. In addition to its many benefits for your body, pilates is also good for your mind as it improves concentration and focus.

Pilates physiotherapy is also prescribed for people suffering from severe injuries, such as stroke rehabilitation patients, or for athletes that want to increase their physical performance.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral to do Pilates. Our trained Pilates instructors will assess your overall fitness and then a custom exercise regimen will be created up for you.  Our facilities are fully equipped to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable Pilates session possible.

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