Bump on Your Big Toe Joint?

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The Sports Injury Clinic

Rachel O'Loughlin

August 15, 2012


A bunion is a prominence or enlargement at the inside of the big toe joint. Despite popular belief these bumps are not simply an overgrowth of the bone, but are created by a mal-alignment of the bones in the front of the foot. Bunions often cause pain in the affected and surrounding joints as well as making it hard to fit into certain types of footwear. The pain is most often caused by arthritis in the joint itself as well as inflammation of the soft tissue structures around the joint. Despite the prevalence of bunions the causes are still not well known.

Factors thought to contribute to development of a bunion include:

  • Narrow toed, unsupportive or high heeled shoes.
  • Over-pronation or excessive rolling in of the feet.
  • Gender; bunions are more prevalent in females.
  • Genetics; studies have identified a strongly inherited component to the development of bunions.

Treatment of bunions is based around reducing pressure and inflammation at the affected joint.

Some commonly used treatments include:

  • Supportive/wider footwear
  • Ice
  • Orthotics/innersoles/arch supports.
  • Joint mobilization
  • Anti-inflammatories/joint injection.
  • Surgery; last resort after conservative treatments have failed.

It is important to get bunions properly assessed to establish the source of the pain and to develop a treatment strategy based around relieving pain and slowing progression of the deformity. Podiatrists are experts in foot pathology and can educate on the best way forwards with regards to treatment. Call us on 9783 9990 or book online.


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