Tennis Elbow

The elbow is at risk for injury in many activities, including those that you perform in your daily life such as gardening, computer work and household duties. Not all tennis elbow and golfers elbow occur due to playing those specific sports though it is considered a ''sports injury''.

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Tennis Elbow

The Symptoms fo tennis elbow and golfers elbow are:

  • Pain or aching in the outside or inside of the elbow often referring down the side of the arm into the muscle bellys
  • Pain that is aggravated by lifting with an outstretched arm or twisting the elbow. Pain with gripping that is specifically in the elbow
  • Pain at rest after using the elbow
  • Weakness with grip for normal daily tasks

Tennis Elbow

The elbow tendon on the outside is often referred to as 'tennis elbow' and the tendon on the inside of your elbow is referred to as 'golfers elbow'. These can both be injured through overuse, poor gripping technique, weakness in both the forearm and shoulder muscles, or through trauma. Elbow tendinopathy is common in overhead sports as well as any repeated manual task of reaching or lifting and using tools with an outstretched arm. Elbow tendon tears can occur if the tendons are overloaded with both repetitive tasks or a sudden movement, they are also susceptible to the process of aging.

Treatment and management options

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