Mastering Your Home Exercises: Simple Tips for Success

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The Sports Injury Clinic

Tom Peers-Barlow

January 25, 2024


Are you having trouble completing the exercises your physiotherapist gave you? Are you feeling low on motivation, time-poor or just generally overwhelmed? Look no further – this blog will give you some helpful yet simple ways to make it easier for you to complete those exercises!


1. Make exercise easy

We will naturally gravitate toward the option that requires the least amount of effort, and we will complete tasks if they are easy to do. Therefore, one key to completing your exercises is to set up your environment optimally where this will be as easy as possible.

For example, it is easier to complete your exercises in the places that are already within your daily routine; do you spend lots of time in the office? Then complete your 10 squats at your desk. Do you spend most timeout on the road driving? Then do your neck stretches each time you get into the car before you turn the ignition on.

Another way is to prime your environment, so you complete your exercises. For example, do you spend lots of time watching TV in your spare time? Easy – keep your exercise band on the coffee table next to the couch so it prompts you to do those shoulder exercises.


2. Make exercise attractive

If a task seems more attractive, then we are more likely to do it. You can use a technique called temptation bundling. This requires you to pair an action that you want to do with an action that you need to do.

For example, “while have my morning coffee (a ‘want’), I will do the stretches my physio gave me(a ‘need’)”, or “while I listen to my favourite podcast (a ‘want’), I will go for a walk (a ‘need’)”.

Another helpful tip to create good exercise habits is to join a culture where this is the ‘normal’ behavior; for example, in an exercise class, exercising is ‘normal’ and therefore is easier to achieve. It can also be more appealing because you meet new people, make friends and can be more engaging. Therefore, joining an exercise at TSIC can make exercising more appealing!


3. Make exercising obvious

If something is right in front of us, it becomes more relevant in the moment, and we are more likely to pursue it. If you can make the task of competing exercises seem obvious and within in plain sight, then they will be easier to complete.

For example, storing an exercise diary (where you log your exercise completion) in an obvious location in the house or at work is a great way to do this. Having reminders on your phone to do exercises, or having your printed exercises stuck on the fridge, are other easy ways to get started.


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