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Shin Splints / Shin Pain (Tenoperiostitis)

What is Shin Splints / Shin Pain (Tenoperiostitis)?

Shin splints are caused from inflammation in the tissue (periosteum) where tendon or muscle attaches to bone. Shin Splints commonly occurs due to overuse or ‘overload’ of the muscle / tendon / bone junction. It will appear to be located on the edge of the shin bone, most typically on the inside of the shin but can occur at the front or the outside of the shin. Shin splints are often due to training error (too much too soon), biomechanics (poor foot alignment) or not having adequate strength around the pelvis resulting in increased loading through the shin when performing weight bearing activities.

How long will Shin Splints last?

An acute simple shin splints episode can settle and you can return to sport if a concerted program has been completed over 2-4 weeks as guided by our Practitioners. If your Practitioner finds that there are contributing factors from your hip or foot mechanics then recovery may take longer and a program may need to be followed for your complete recovery and to avoid further episodes. Resting shin splints without a specific strengthening/running conditioning program may lead to re injury. 


The symptoms of Shin Splints are:

  • Pain that commences at the onset of running then ‘warms up’. As shin splints progress, the warming up phase does not occur and pain becomes progressive with further weight bearing.
  • Pain after you cool down from your exercise/activity.
  • Pain within the muscles involved in shin splints.

Suggestions for managing Shin Splints

  • Rest, Ice and Compression in the acute stage. This may continue until the signs of inflammation have reduced. Your practitioner will advise you.
  • Your walking and running style will be assessed to see if you have contributing weakness from your hip, quadriceps or calf complexes. Our Podiatrist will also assess your foot mechanics to address any pronation or arch issues that can be the cause of your shin splints. They will also offer the best footwear advice for your foot shape.
  • Your practitioner may refer you to a Sports Physician for further investigations if your Shin Splints do not respond in our suggested time frames.

Professional treatment options

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