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What are headaches?

Headaches are a common problem, affecting about two-thirds of all adults at some point in their lives. There are various treatments available, the most suitable treatment for you will depend on the cause of the headache and how severe it is. 

Headache can arise from many different sources including the neck (ligaments, facet joints, muscles, discs and nerves), sinus, straining eye sight, viral complaints or can sometimes (but not common) from nasty pathology. Headaches can often be caused from prolonged postures of your head (as it is heavy) and places excessive load on the neck  tissues as they try to support you in your daily tasks. Neck Pain can give rise to pain in the shoulder blades or down the arms and requires specific assessment to identify the cause. Your practitioner at The Sports Injury Clinic will perform specific tests to assess the degree and type of headache you are experiencing explain time frames for recovery.

How long will it last?

With early intervention from the practitioners at The Sports Injury Clinic and a specific treatment plan, most cases of headache resolve within a week of treatment and management. If your headache reoccurs, our Practitioners may refer you for further investigation and assessment. Our practitioners will help you identify triggers or causes for your headaches and aim to change the reason for them occurring.


The symptoms of headache include:

  • Stiffness or difficulty to turn your neck.
  • Increasing pain if you read or look down for long periods of time.
  • Visual problems with focusing.
  • Dizziness, nausea.

Suggestions for managing Headaches include

  • In the acute phase rest from aggravating activity (no prolonged postures with head forward or turning).
  • Taping from your Physiotherapist to improve your spine's posture in the early stage. Learn correct posture of how to unload your neck if it is causing your headache. Placing a lumbar roll behind your back while sitting (lengthways or across your spine to assist in straightening your neck).
  • Gentle exercises to strengthen your neck and improve your neck's posture and unload tissues that may be causing your headache.
  • Your treating practitioner may recommend Massage Therapy to assist in the management of your headache pain.
  • Pain management suggestions.
  • Your practitioner may refer you to a Sports Physician for further investigations if your headache pain does not respond in our suggested time frames.

Professional treatment options

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