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Rehabilitation sessions will be prescribed or recommended once our physiotherapists conclude that you need personal support and guidance when recovering from an injury.

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Service Overview

Our rehabilitation service ensures that you are well cared for during your most critical state – post-injury. We recommend starting the rehabilitation process as soon as possible from the moment your physician recommends a rehabilitation procedure.

We are fully equipped and fully staffed to serve you at the different phases of physical rehabilitation. In general, the rehabilitation phases include the following: the Healing Phase, the Mending Phase, the Reconditioning Phase, and the Function Phase.

The Healing Phase is where we allow the body to go through its natural healing process. This phase would be the longest phase of the rehabilitation process, depending on the severity of the injury. The Mending Phase is where we exercise the body to regain some form of mobility and function while considering any long-term and permanent physiological change to the body without aggravating it any further. The Reconditioning Phase is when we focus on regaining muscular strength and durability to allow it to support the body post-injury. And lastly, the Function Phase is where we help the patient get back as close as possible to their pre-injury body functions.

Our clinic has all the necessary equipment, training, exercise methodology, and guidance for successful rehabilitation.


The focus of rehabilitation is to restore your body’s physical ability to its previous top performing condition.  

The process of rehabilitation requires the expertise of various rehabilitation practitioners depending on the type and severity of the injury or condition. For example, a stroke survivor would need several rehabilitation practitioners, including but not limited to a physiotherapist, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and whatever therapies the patient's attending physician may recommend or prescribe.  

We are fully staffed to serve your personal physical rehabilitation needs as prescribed by your doctor.

Do I need a referral?

No, you don’t need a referral to see a rehabilitation practitioner – simply book in online or call the clinic.

Whatever stage you’re at, we’re ready to help.

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