When the Foot Injury First Began

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The Sports Injury Clinic

September 24, 2019


My initial reaction when I felt something go in my foot was, "this can't be good". I was at training doing my usual thing when during one of my practice jumps, I couldn't finish off my step as I felt a shooting pain up through my foot.

Straight away I knew something wasn't right. I sat down for a little while hoping the pain would settle and it did so back to my training I went. The next couple of days I really struggled to get through my sessions without pain and finally, one day I got it checked out.

Like anyone who is or has been injured, you go through the whole process of numerous physio and doctors' appointments, having Ultrasounds, X-Rays and even multiple MRIs. Unfortunately for me, no matter how many different scans I had, no one could figure out what the issue was. I was so frustrated as everyday I had this agonizing pain stopping me from my daily activities and no one could tell me what was going on.

Eventually it became apparent that I had an accessory navicular bone in both of my feet. After months of misdiagnosis and trying to deal with the numerous emotions that came alongside, I met with a surgeon who agreed to remove the bones.

In May and September 2018, my surgeon removed the accessory bone, repaired my tibialis posterior and transferred the FDL tendon to the medial cuneiform with two screws to stabilise the naviculocuneiform joints.

3 months post second surgery, I began working with a great team at The Sports Injury Clinic where I have been seeing a Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, Myotherapist and training with the Exercise Physiologists, and I have not looked back.


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