What Is the Benefit of a Running Assessment?

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The Sports Injury Clinic

Rachel Mills

March 2, 2021


The Sports Injury Clinic's exercise physiology department offers running assessments for runners of all levels. The running assessment is a three-stage process, over the course of 1 hour:

  1. Subjective assessment: a discussion where we find out information about your running history, upcoming goals, current or previous injuries, and current training plan. This provides us with an overall picture of your current situation, and helps inform our decision-making and considerations later in the assessment process. There may also be the opportunity for some education around your training, and ways to optimise your performance
  2. Treadmill assessment: we will ask you to run at certain speeds on one of our treadmills, where we will record different segments of your body in slow-motion video. This will then be shown and explained to you, and gives us the opportunity to implement any potential modifications to your technique in real time
  3. Exercise/strength training: based on our findings of the running assessment, we will provide you with a selection of exercises that will assist with optimising your running performance, or assisting with the reduction of pain that is experienced while running

Our hope is that the outcome of a running assessment will assist with making your running experience more comfortable, and more economical (i.e. being able to do the same amount of work with less energy used).

Running assessments can be booked over the phone 9783 9990 or by stopping by our reception desk during your next visit. 


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