Three Reasons Every Dancer Needs a Physiotherapist

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The Sports Injury Clinic

Peter Nicklen

August 13, 2019


Dancers and performers place large demands on their body. It is often a way for them to stay active and express themselves, using their bodies in incredible ways to create inspiring movements. Physiotherapists are movement specialists, and therefore have the knowledge and skills to assist if something is not functioning as it should for a dancer.

1. Diagnose injuries, assist with injury management and treatment

If you believe you have an injury, dancing or otherwise, you should seek medical attention in a timely manner. Performing and training through pain or an injury may be detrimental to recovery. A Physiotherapist will assess and assist in management of the injury and may highlight contributing factors to the injury to help prevent re-injury.

2. Improve dance specific strength and flexibility

Dancers require specific muscular control and strength to achieve desired positions. The muscles in our body are designed with individualised roles and purposes, with some working rapidly and powerfully, while others are used for endurance. When muscles are working sub-optimally, muscle imbalance may occur due to excessive load placed through muscles that do not have the required strength and endurance, or may be working too hard.

Physiotherapists can also provide information on safe and effective stretching for dancers. It is important for hypermobile (lots of mobility) and hypomobile (reduced mobility in joints) dancers to know when to stretch and how to stretch in a safe way.

3. Prevent injury

Advice and assessment from a Physiotherapist, before pain or injury, may assist with highlighting potential areas that may predispose a dancer to pain or injury in the future. Pre-pointe and dance screening can assist the recreational and professional dancer, to ensure they have adequate strength and control required for the demands of dance.

Please do not hesitate to contact a Physiotherapist if you have any questions or call us on 9783 9990 or book online.


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