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The Sports Injury Clinic

Jamie Barnes

June 23, 2020


Now that gyms have re-opened their doors, it's important to remember to build you training volume gradually back to where you were before restrictions were enforced, instead of picking up where you left off. This is because sudden increases in training load is a risk factor for injury. The body is not in the same physical state it was in when you were last training regularly and therefore no longer has the capacity to accept the same volume.

Here are a few simple tips for resuming your training safely:

  1. Increase your reps and lower your weight to allow your body the chance to re-familiarise itself with resistance training. Sets of 12 are a nice starting point.
  2. Prioritise your recovery. This should be something that is always at the forefront of your mind, but especially so over the next few weeks when your body needs it. Remember that recovery is where adaptations occur, not during a training session itself. 
  3. Advanced exercises like plyometric require sound progression for the body to tolerate well. It may not be ideal to return straight to exercise of this nature without a phase of rebuilding the foundations (e.g. tendon capacity)

Our team of Exercise Physiologists are available and ready to assist you with you return to full training. Call us on 9783 9990 or book online and begun your new program safely.


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