Don't Let Winter Freeze Your Summer Goals!

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The Sports Injury Clinic

May 26, 2015



It's the time of year that we summer-loving' Peninsularians dread. Rain, wind and darkness keep us away from the many beaches, parks and trails along the bay, but unfortunately it is all too common that our motivation to exercise also takes a whack.

The communal excuses for letting the regular workouts slip include the most obvious -"it's too cold", "it's raining", and "it's too dark". Luckily, there are ways to get around the barriers that people put up that prevent them getting their daily dose of exercise.


It's not only our fitness that suffers when the routine slows. It makes us more susceptible to the dreaded "winter blues".

But fear not - there are plenty of tips to help you continue your regular exercise habits, stay happy and keep your goals in check for the upcoming beach season!

Dress appropriately. There is a wide range of fitness gear to choose from to keep you dry and warm. Some manufacturers offer material that is wind and water resistant, designed to protect you from the harsh elements.

It is more important to keep your torso warm, compared to your lower body. Therefore, layer up in the upper body with a comfortable shirt, jacket, gloves and beanie, and leave the lower body to shorts or compression tights.

Exercise indoors. This can include -but is not limited to -gym, home, shopping centres (yes, really), and your local indoor swimming pool! Whether you do every workout in an indoor setting, or save it for those days where you really don't want to venture outside, there are plenty of options under a roof and out of the elements! An Accredited Exercise Physiologist can assist you with setting up a home exercise program that will be effective at helping you reach your goals.

Get a dog. Not only will your pooch share its body heat with you on the couch on a lazy winter's day, but we all know how much a puppy loves its walk... and how much it hates missing it! The responsibility of walking your dog rain, hail or shine is a great motivator and effective tool to keep yourself moving too!

Join a team. Basketball. Netball. Futsal. Volleyball. The list of indoor sports are endless. Not only do they allow you to keep your physical activity levels up whilst staying out of the elements, they are also a great form of fun and social interaction with like-minded people!


So there you have it. There is a way to continue working towards your summer body or healthy mind, and staying warm and dry through the cold, blustery winter months.


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