Do Your Kids Have Happy Feet?

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The Sports Injury Clinic

Rachel O'Loughlin

April 21, 2015


As adults we all understand that injury is a common occurrence when it comes to sports and activity - but what about our kids getting injured? With organized sports seemingly starting at a much younger age, the incidence of injuries amongst this population is also on the rise. It's not unusual for kids to have some form of sporting activity on everyday of the week and this can understandably take a toll on their growing bodies.


Most of the injuries we see in the podiatry department are overuse injuries secondary to the high levels of sport/activity. Growth plates in the mid-foot, heel and lower leg are often implicated in musculoskeletal pain in kids and despite good prognosis for these injuries long term, they can create significant pain and disability for kids in the short term. Some of the most common injuries include:

1. Sever's apophysitis

- Irritation of the growth plate of the heel

- Common around ages 8-14.

2. Iselin's apophysitis

- Irritation of the growth plate of the 5th metatarsal (long bone on the outside of the mid-foot)

- Also in ages 8-14.

3. Tendon irritation.

4. Posterior impingement

- Pain in the back of the ankle, common in dancers/ballet.

5. Ligament sprain and/or bone fractures

- Usually the result of an acute injury.

A number of factors can influence foot, ankle and lower limb pain in kids including:

1. Hypermobility

- Ligament laxity.

2. Calf tightness and/or lack of strength.

3. Foot position

- Flat feet or high arches.

4. Footwear.

5. Family history

- Foot and ankle position/function is strongly hereditary and can often be a good indicator of potential for injury in a child.

Our Podiatrists can help advise/treat any lower limb based injury as well as provide screenings for particularly active kids looking to reduce the chance of injury. We can also provide expert advice on footwear selection specific to the individual and chosen activity/sport. Call us on 9783 9990 or book online.


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