Stress fractures in the foot

Stress fractures are tiny cracks that can develop in a bone as a result or repetitive small traumas or abnormally high pressures going through a particular bone.

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Stress fractures in the foot

Stress fractures in the feet most commonly occur in the second and third metatarsals.

Some symptoms include:

  • A gradual increase in pain during activity
  • Relieved wth rest
  • Pain at night in bed
  • Pain is often experienced on touch of affected bone

Stress fractures in the foot

Some of the most common causes for stress fractures in the feet are:

  • A sudden increase in high impact activities such as running, jumping and dancing
  • Incorrect foot or lower limb mechanics or activity technique
  • Shoe lacking support or poor fit

Treatment and management options

Activity modification or ceasing any activity which causes pain is the most common treatment plan, some others include:

  • Replacing, changing or modifying your footwear
  • Padding and/or orthotics may help to redistribute the high pressures and offload the affected bone
  • Strengthening and stretching programs to help increase strength around the affected bone

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