Scheuermanns disease

Scheuermann's disease is technically not a disease of the spine, rather than a condition that effects the growing patterns of the Thoracic Spine.

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Scheuermanns disease

Scheuermann's disease has the appearance of 'rounded shoulders' and there may be symptoms initially of stiffness and of difficulty straightening up. Symptoms include:

  • Pain or aching between the shoulder blades or on the Thoracic Spine
  • Pain may be present on prolonged sitting
  • Pain may occur with weight bearing activity
  • Stiffness in the spine, loss of flexibility (can effect hips and legs)

Scheuermanns disease

Scheuermann's disease typically appears or is noticed post puberty and it does not naturally reverse. Upon X-Ray, there will be the appearance of 'wedge shaped' vertabrae instead of square vertabrae, which contributes to the curve developing. It must not be ignored and a program must commence as soon as possible.

Treatment and management options

With early intervention from a Physiotherapist and a specific treatment plan, Scheuermenn's disease can be managed. It is however permanent and the aim is to prevent further curve development. Management plans include:

  • Commencing a postural strengthening and stretching program as advised by your Physiotherapist
  • Rest for aggravating activity (no prolonged sitting or slouching)
  • Taping from your Physiotherapist

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