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TAC Accredited Services

TSIC practitioners are accredited and experienced with TAC claims and motor vehicle accident rehabilitation.

How TAC claims are processed at TSIC:

  • We provide treatment to TAC claims that have an approved claim number and are approved for treatment in relation to your injury.
  • Before you arrive at our clinic, we will need to confirm the status of your claim by contacting the TAC. This is arranged by our experienced administration team. Please inform us of your details at the time of booking.
  • If your accident was before the 14th of February 2018 you may be required to pay the first $651 of any medical costs. Once this TAC medical excess has been met, and the TAC has proof of this, we can bill the TAC directly. If your accident was on or after the 14th of February, the medical excess does not apply.
  • In the event that your claim is not accepted, you will be responsible for the immediate payment of the full cost of all treatments.

TSIC services that are claimable under TAC:

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