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The conflicting science of Diabetes and Obesity

on 03 October 2018

By Dr. John Beaney MB, BS; LRCP, MRCS (Retd.)

Hardly a day goes by without at least one program on TV or report on social media about obesity and diabetes. I'm sure you feel the same way as I do - they can't all be right! There is an enormous amount of conflicting advice.

Those advising a low carbohydrate healthy fat diet, as I do, are becoming more evident, but still the orthodox view is a high carbohydrate low fat diet. Certainly all GP’s are still being advised by the likes of the Heart Foundation, Diabetes Australia and the Dieticians Association of Australia to follow the conventional wisdom. Nowhere is this more obvious than if you are unfortunate enough to be admitted to hospital. The diabetic breakfast is the complete opposite of what I would recommend- mostly whole meal toast, porridge, low fat milk and orange juice. Could easily be equivalent to 20 teaspoons of sugar!

So how do these organisations explain the dramatic increase in diabetes and obesity? They will tell you that you are not trying hard enough. You need to eat even less and move even more, but we are! We are all striving to do our best to keep moving even though we are battling arthritis and a never ending stream of injuries.

In reality, we are being given the wrong advice. Many of us can't cope with the excessive amount of carbohydrates in our diet, as a result we develop Metabolic Syndrome. The results of this condition will end up being treated with a whole range of tablets and very likely surgery. The alternative is to switch to a rich and varied diet consisting of natural unprocessed food. But many of us are addicted to our present way of eating. It's not easy to change the habits of a lifetime. That's where I come in, providing factual knowledge and support to assist you in your own personal journey.

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