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Group Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Our TSIC practitioners may refer you to our Physio Rehabilitation sessions if you need guidance and support when recovering from an injury.

These sessions are a great way to keep you committed to your rehabilitation. Every class is overseen by one of our highly skilled Physiotherapists who ensure you complete each exercise using correct technique. They can step in if something is too difficult or guide you on new exercises if you are ready to step up.

Sessions will have no more than four people and are claimable through private health insurance providers, so we recommend you check with your Private Health Insurer to see if you can claim.

Your Physiotherapist will be working in conjunction with your regular TSIC practitioner to ensure we are providing holistic care and reviewing your progress regularly. Once your rehab is complete, if you would like to continue working on functional movement, strength and conditioning, you are able to transition across to the Pilates classes, or our group training run by Exercise Physiologists.

How do I start Physio Rehabilitation Sessions?

We start with an initial screening assessment:
Your Physiotherapist will discuss your reasons for starting Physio Group Rehabilitation sessions and the benefits. After an assessment, we will refer you to the right instructor for your needs.

State of the art Real Time Ultrasound for Your Muscles
Before you attend your first Physio Rehabilitation class, we will arrange for you to have a real-time ultrasound performed by one of our Physiotherapists. The ultrasound is helpful in demonstrating how you use your abdominal (core) muscles correctly. You will actually see your muscles moving on a computer screen to make sure you understand how your muscles work.

Your first Physio Rehabilitation Session
We will book you in for 1–2, hour long individual sessions with your practitioner. This way we can ensure you will be performing your Rehabilitation program correctly, effectively and have your Physiotherapist give you personalised feedback, so it makes sense to you.