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Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

The Sports Injury Clinic is delighted to announce that they have become a PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation Trust Clinic.PINC Logo

PINC and STEEL is an organisation dedicated to helping me, women, adolescents and young adults with any type of cancer. There are now more people surviving a cancer diagnosis, but they can face an increased risk of extended health problems, premature mortality and harsh side effects from their treatment.

TSIC's affiliation with PINC ensures that as a clinic we are staying at the forefront of professional updates and the latest clinical advice to enable us to support our clients when they need it most.

TSIC's PINC Physiotherapist Andrea Maude will work closely with the PINC and STEEL team to share resources and knowledge. You can find out more about PINC and STEEL, the largest provider of Physiotherapist training for cancer rehabilitation in Australasia here:

To find out more about how Andrea and the team can support you or your loved one following a cancer diagnosis, during or after cancer treatment, click here or please contact the team at TSIC on 9783 9990.