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Ella Sharman and Sophie Jackson are a young sailing duo making their mark on the sailing world. In 2016, the sailing partners competed at the prestigious World Championships - a highlight in their sailing careers. 

Balancing school, homework, VCE and training, the 16 year old friends now have their eye on the National and State Titles in 2017. Ella says of sailing - "I love everything about sailing, the adventure, the people you get to meet and the friends you make that will last a lifetime. Everytime I go sailing it's completely different, there is never a day where it's the same. I love how we put our trust in the environment and the thrill from sailing in 30 knots'. For Sophie, it's all about being out on the ocean, 'I love being out in the fresh air, in the uncontrollable elements, and the freedom and adrenaline from flying across the water and riding waves'.