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Category: Psychology

Dealing with the down side of Christmas:

Not all it has crackered up to be:

Christmas is about being with family, sharing food and presents, being jolly - right?  Wrong!  For many, Christmas is the loneliest time of year, for others it is the most stressful, and for some it is to be avoided at all costs.

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Category: Psychology

Stressed out Teenagers

Mental and emotional relaxation techniques:

Teen Stress:

Research shows that teenagers report experiences with stress that follow similar patterns to adults; in fact, during the school year, teen stress is at its highest with teens reporting stress levels higher than reported by adults.

The study showed that 31% of teens report feeling overwhelmed and 30% feel depressed or sad as a result of stress.

However, research also reveals that teenagers underestimate the potential impact stress has on their physical and mental well-being.  So at the pointy end of the season for many in higher year levels, maybe its time for parents to lend a hand and provide some valuable information on stress relieving techniques for their school and university aged children.  The time to talk about stress and how to manage it is now...

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Category: Psychology

The Psychology of Weight Loss

How to Change Your Unhealthy Eating Habits

Its not just about the food:

Losing weight is never just about the food.  It is always about a persons psychology as well, particularly for women when it comes to Emotional Eating.  Genetics and chemical imbalances are other reasons why a person may be prone to putting on weight.  Regardless of the reason why you find it hard to lose weight, a psychological approach that is tailored to suit your own personal battleground is essential in any weight loss program.

Losing weight and improving fitness have relied too heavily on self-control and willpower, which makes the process tiring and prone to failure.  So there needs to be the equally important goal of using the least amount possible of self-control and will power to effect change.

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