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Lumbar Rolls

Good posture is usually easier to maintain when you’re standing up. That’s because the natural curve of your lower back automatically changes position when you sit down. But, to never sit down is impossible. Many of us drive and sit for long periods of time, either watching television or sitting at our desk. But, there is a way to keep your back in the right position even when you’re sitting.

lumbarrollA Lumbar Roll is specifically designed to maintain our natural curve when we sit and to ease lower back pain that is caused by incorrect sitting posture. By placing the support in the small of the back just above the belt line, you are naturally forced to hold a good posture. The density and curvature of a lumbar roll is perfect for this purpose so a cushion or rolled up towel is really not as effective.

There are many factors that contribute to back pain and the long term damage that poor sitting posture can cause doesn’t help. Using a lumbar roll will help lower the risk of developing lower back pain and prevent more damage to your back.

Talk to your Sports Injury Clinic physiotherapist about how a lumbar support can help you.


Half and Long Rollshalfandlongroll

Foam rolls are great for increasing flexibility, posture, coordination, balance and strength. They’re fun, easy to use, and affordable. They can be used by themselves or with resistance bands to improve posture, reduce back, shoulder, neck and jaw tension, gently stretch back muscles and spine and to improve balance and co-ordination. Your physiotherapist can give you some handy hints on using the roll to best suit you.