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Health Checks

Being healthy means a lot more than not being sick. It means enjoying life, feeling great and having energy to do the things you want to do, not just at work but at home and in your own time.

A WorkHealth Check is simple and happens at work. It helps you understand your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

What happens in a WorkHealth Check:

  • You complete a short questionnaire.
  • You have your waist circumference, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose measuredThis is done by a health professional using a finger prick test.
  • Once completed, you will receive immediate feedback and advice on your results. Your results are private.

Your results are only a guide and should not be seen as a replacement for advice from your doctor or other healthcare providers. Depending on your results you may be advised to see your doctor for further tests and advice.

For more information how to book your WorkHealth check, contact us now.

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