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Bodywise Pilates

Pilates for Every Body

Designed specifically to be safe, precise and low impact, Pilates is suitable for any age, any level and any body type.  Whether you are pregnant, mature aged, injured, recovering from illness or to improve your sports performance, a Pilates Program can be tailored to suit you.

How do I start Pilates ?

At The Sports Injury Clinic our experienced practitioners will guide you through the process guaranteeing you will receive the right program.

All Pilates Programs are not the same at The Sports Injury Clinic.

Step 1: Your initial screening assessment

  • You will discuss the benefits for you doing Pilates with your treating practitioner.
  • You will be assessed and a referral communicated to your treating Pilates practitioner

Step 2: State of the art Real Time Ultrasound for Your Muscles

  • You will start with a Real Time Ultrasound performed by one of our Physiotherapists to demonstrate to you how you use your abdominal (core) muscles correctly. You will actually see your muscles moving on a computer screen to make sure you understand how your muscles work.

Step 3: Individualizing your program

  • You will have 1 – 2 individual sessions with your Pilates Practitioner that will last an hour. This way we can guarantee that you will be performing your Pilates program correctly, effectively and have your practitioner give you personalized information so that it makes sense to you.

Step 4: You are now ready for your complete Pilates experience

  • You will now be able to join our customized small groups of no more than 4 people. You will continually receive your own individual program from your Pilates Practitioner ensuring it is right for you. Pilates is personal and at The Sports Injury Clinic using this philosophy we can help you achieve your potential.
Contact us now for further information on why you should choose our Pilates Program at The Sports Injury Clinic.
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